Financial Economics Institute


Lisa Meulbroek

Director of the Financial Economics Institute - Lisa Meulbroek, Ph.D.
Professor Meulbroek is the Fritz B. Burns Professor of Financial Economics at CMC and she specializes in executive compensation, risk management, and insider trading.

Eric Hughson

Associate Director of the Financial Economics Institute - Eric Hughson, Ph.D.
Professor Hughson, the Don and Lorraine Freeberg Professor of Economics at CMC, specializes in financial economics.

Terri Van Eaton

Assistant to the Directors - Terri Van Eaton
Terri began working at Claremont McKenna College in January of 1979. She has worked in the Public Relations Office (now called Public Affairs and Communications), Registrar’s Office, Dean of Students’ Office, Faculty Support Center-West, and the Lowe Institute of Political Economy. She attended Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga.