The Robert Day School of Economics and Finance

BA/MA in Finance

On April 15, 2011, the CMC faculty approved the BA/MA in Finance program (BA/MA) that enables students to complete the requirements of both a CMC bachelor’s degree and master’s degree simultaneously and within a total of four years. This program is currently only open to CMC students.

Completion of a CMC undergraduate degree requires a minimum of 32 credit hours. Completion of the MA in Finance degree as a separate one-year program requires a minimum of 9 graduate credits. Completion of the BA/MA program requires a minimum of 36 credit hours, including one full summer internship credit. As many as 4 MA classes may also satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Completion of the 36 credit hours, therefore, requires some combination of transfer credits, summer school credits and/or overloading of courses. Please see the CMC catalog for additional details, including requirements for credits earned at CMC.

The admission deadline for the Class of 2017 is October 15, 2014. All BA/MA applicants will apply using the Scholars application (see Scholars selection site: and not the graduate admission application site.The Graduate Academic Director or Academic Coordinator will become your academic advisor upon enrollment. For CMC students, the GMAT/GRE, essay and application fee requirements are waived. The cover letter explaining the desire to participate remains a requirement. The alumni interview may be conducted as an on-campus interview. Admission in the graduate program will continue to be required prior to enrollment in any graduate course. The online application will be available after September 1st.

Leadership Development Activities
Students admitted into the BA/MA program will be required to fully participate in Scholars leadership development activities, to include the three-week, intensive seminar immediately prior to the start of the fall semester senior year. The timing of these requirements, as well as the internship requirement, will be determined in advising based on your course map.

Career Development/Service Support
BA/MA students will receive Career Services support consistent with that of fellow Robert Day Scholars (undergraduate or graduate) students.

Additional Information
If you have specific questions about the BA/MA in Finance program, please contact the RDS Director of Admission, Kevin Arnold at