Water Conservation

On campus, there are 19 meters that document the water for residence halls, academic and administrative buildings, and landscaping. There are over 5,376 sprinklers located around the college. In spring 2006, students received a grant from the National Wildlife Foundation to install underground moisture sensors to improve landscaping irrigation efficiency.

Water is an especially scare resource in Southern California. CMC purchases its water from the Southern California Water Company. Water is pumped from underground aquifers and imported from as far away as the Colorado River. Total water use at the college has been declining since the 2001-2002 academic year. Usage data for the 2004-2005 period are relatively low mainly due to an unusually wet year.

A five-college utilities study completed in Summer 2007 helped to provide an overview of each college's development and consumption pattern over the past twenty years. It highlighted each college's dynamic growth, helped establish a database, and highlighted a problem in our ability to accurately measure our consumption. A campus utilities audit is proposed and will further establish a database, identify projects to create reductions in energy and water consumption and provide guidance towards a framework for greater efficiencies in campus mechanical and other systems.