In May 2008, CMC, in conjunction with The Institution Recycling Network (IRN), recycled discarded furniture from Auen Hall and Fawcett Hall. A total weight of 11,709 lbs. of surplus furniture and mattresses, the equivalent of 5.85 tons, was provided for reuse through IRN's Surplus Property Reuse Program and Claremont McKenna College. These items will be re-deployed and used by the citizens with the utmost need in Spanish Town, Jamaica. In addition, furniture—including bed frames, desks, chairs, and dressers—from Auen Hall and Fawcett Hall were sent to the manufacturer to be completely refurbished. Components that will not be reincorporated will be recycled. The furniture will be returned in August for student use.

Few long term recycling trends were documented by The Roberts Environmental Center Report. Estimates for recycling were made using data collected through campus housekeeping's count of the number of recycling bags of waste and regular waste for several different weeks each semester. Because statistics are collected only a few weeks a year, it was determined aggregate annual recycling is currently impossible to assess. However, rates have hovered at about 40%a year.

CMC also supports the recycling of hazardous waste.

  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs: CMC currently disposes of its fluorescent light bulbs through Lighting Resources Inc.. Each semester, CMC disposes of approximately 300 light bulbs at a cost of $0.40 per piece. However, no absolute data is readily available and usage is not charted over time.
  • Batteries: A battery recycling program is available through Story House, the school's maintenance department. Currently there is a deposit box for students to dispose of used batteries.