Intercollegiate Religious Studies Program

Religious Studies is a cooperative program offered jointly by Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Pomona, and Scripps Colleges. Students may enroll in religious studies courses offered at the undergraduate colleges, and advanced students may, with permission, enroll in master's-level courses in their area of specialization at The Claremont Graduate University.

Stephen Davis
• Philosophy of Religion

Gastón Espinosa (Chair)
• American Religions 
• Religion and Politics
• History of Christianity
• Latino Religions

Gary Gilbert
• Jewish Studies
• Early Christianity

Cynthia Humes
• South Asian Religious 
• Hinduism
• Goddesses and Gurus

Daniel Michon 
• South Asian Religions
• Hinduism 

• Religious Studies Theory

Karen Yonemoto (Visiting)
• Asian American Religions
• American Religions
• Women and Religion

Oona Eisenstadt
• Jewish studies
• Contemporary Jewish thought
Jerry Irish
• Religious ethics
Zayn Kassam
• Islam
• Religion and the environment
Zhiru Ng
• Chinese religions
Erin Runions
• Hebrew Bible
• Religion and gender
Darryl Smith
• Philosophy of religion

• Japanese religions
Carina Johnson 
• Religion in early modern Europe


At Scripps College

Andrew Jacobs
• Early Christianities 

• Post-Colonialism

 At Harvey Mudd College

Erika Dyson
• Religion & Science

• Religion & Law
• Gender