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Student Technology Services

Email Accounts

CMC offers Google Apps to provide you with an enhanced system that will support simplified communication and collaboration. We can focus on student needs and adding value to the CMC experience while Google focuses on building excellent products, maintaining the feature set, and innovating our communication options for tomorrow.

Our goal is to offer you a reliable, practical, secure, feature-rich webmail environment. We think Google can help.

For more information, go to the Frequently Asked Questions.


CMC offers free and unlimited connections to our network and the Internet. We do ask that you exercise moderation in its use since it is shared with all the other students, staff and faculty on our campuses and if you abuse it, everyone suffers.

Network Accounts

Network accounts are assigned by and are automatically generated. Your RTA will have your information. If you forget or lose your password, you can contact Micheal Malsed and, with picture ID, he can reset your password.

Along with your network account comes a "U:" drive, which is a folder on one of our servers. You can connect to this U: drive from anywhere on campus (it will usually be automatically connected for you, if not, you can connect to it by hitting Start-Run-ls1-machusers$).

Your U: drive is backed up nightly so it is far more reliable than a floppy!


Sakai Quick Start Guide for Students

For more information:
Information Technology Services
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