Carbon Emissions

Between 2002 and 2005, the College increased its greenhouse gas emissions. While electrical and other energy use increased during this period, the exact cause for carbon emission increases is unknown. During this period, the College did increase its number of students, faculty and staff, used more on campus technology, and built more on campus square footage. The Roberts Environmental Center is investigating this trend and will attempt to understand how the factors relate to increased emissions and how the trend can be reversed.

Transportation Initiatives
In an effort to reduce traffic and congestion on campus and in the Los Angeles area, CMC offers incentives to use alternative transportation to travel to work. Employees who walk, bicycle, use public transportation or rideshare (carpool) to work during peak travel times are given an addition $1.50 per workday. An additional $60 per month subsidy is given to employees who use public transportation. The Office of Human Resources monitors and promotes the incentive program.