Summer Session at CMC


Welcome to the website for the fourth summer session at Claremont McKenna College (CMC). Between May 22 and July 3, this program will offer a wealth of academic and social opportunities. Whether you are a student at the Claremont Colleges, a student at another institution, or a college graduate, you will find courses from a wide range of disciplines to enrich your education and career.

Our summer courses are taught by the same excellent faculty who teach during the regular academic year, and many of these courses provide a distillation of concepts and subject matter that our faculty have long been working on, both as teachers and scholars. The result is a remarkably rich, diverse set of courses, with dedicated faculty members excited about working closely with their students during the summer. CMC is renowned for its educational mission, which in the words of the College mission statement is “to educate students for thoughtful and productive lives and responsible leadership in business, government, and the professions.” This mission extends to the summer session as well. In addition to the close attention you will receive from your CMC professors this summer, you will also find support at The Center for Writing and Public Discourse, the College's computer labs, and the Claremont Consortium's Honnold/Mudd Library.

CMC students can fulfill some of their general education and major requirements during summer session and take some specialized courses not often offered during the regular academic year. Students from Claremont Graduate University, the Claremont Colleges, and other institutions will be able to transfer each of our courses to their home campuses for four semester hours or six quarter hours. Summer session courses are offered in one of two basic schedules: three-week sessions that meet five days a week from May 22 to June 12, or six-week sessions that meet three days a week from May 22 to July 3.

We look forward to offering you an intellectually stimulating experience this summer, but we also know that apart from your classes, you will have a great time in Southern California. Claremont is a lovely, tree-lined college town of 37,000 people, with abundant shopping, dining, cultural, and outdoor activities nearby. Disneyland, the Hollywood Bowl, the Los Angeles Music Center, Dodger Stadium, the Getty Art Museum, fabled beaches and beautiful mountains are but some of the many attractions all within easy reach of Claremont.

With best wishes for a wonderful summer, both in and out of the classroom,

Nicholas Warner, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Literature