Course Requirements for the Leadership Sequence

A total of five courses from the following categories and choices are required to complete the Sequence.

Ethics Requirement (Choose 1)

Econ 109

Ethics, Economics, and Public Policy

Econ 153

Corporate Governance Systems

Econ 190

Ethics and Management

Gov 129

Ethics and American Political Leadership

Phil 92

Contemporary Moral Issues

Phil 93

Intro to Philosophy & Public Affairs

Phil 105/RLST 146

The Holocaust

Phil 153

Leaders and Followers: Social and Personal Ethics

Phil 156

Morality and Law

Phil 158

Ethical Theory


Morality and Religion

RLST 174

Religion and the American Presidency


Core Requirement (Choose 2 – one from Gov., one from Psyc.)

Gov 50

Introduction to Public Administration

Gov 121

Organization and Management

Gov 122

Leadership In Management

Gov 160

Statesmanship and Leadership

Psyc 37

Organizational Psychology

Psyc 93

Political Psychology

Psyc 140

Leadership Seminar


Breadth Requirement (Choose 1)

Econ 157

Design of Adaptive Management Systems

Gov 103e

Crisis in Presidential Leadership

Gov 113

Inequality and Public Policy

Gov 124

Cases in American Political Leadership

Gov 131

Heroes, Villains, and Clowns

Gov 136

Propaganda and Politics

Gov 141e

Comparative Elites

Gov 144

Political and Social Movements

Gov 148

Leadership in Politics and Diplomacy

His 102

Gandhi and Mao

His/MLS 130

US and Comparative Military Systems

His 175

Women and Politics

Lit 161

Leadership & Diversity in Literature

Lit 163

Leadership in Literature and Film

Lit 166

Feminist Theory

Psyc 177

Organizational Communication and Leadership

RLST 132

Messiahs and the Millennium

ID 141

Leadership in Sciences


Experiential Requirement (Choose 1)

Psyc 103

Mentoring (two semesters)

Psyc 186

Seminar in Organizational Development

Psyc 187

Practicum in Organizational Intervention

Psyc 199

Summer Internship in Leadership

Gov 30

Internship in Politics (Off-Campus)

MLS 101-104A&B

Leadership and Management (two semesters)

ID 99

Civic Leadership, Responsibility and Involvement