SVNT 2011 in chronological order, January 9-14, 2011

Sunday: The Welcome Dinner, The Rules of Success
Guest Speaker, Joel Achramowicz '79: A History of the Silicon Valley
Monday: Electronic Arts, with Nancy Smith P'13
Atlassian, with Daniel Freeman '96 , ITAB Founding Member
 Loud Dog, with Josh Orum '98 and Emily Meinhardt '10 SVNT '09
 Entrepreneur Dinner, with Sunil Rajaraman '02 ( and Abhi Nemani '10 SVNT '09 (Code for America)
 Tuesday: Microsoft, with Scott Mauvais '90
 Google, with Jonathan Rosenberg '83 P'14
 YouTube, with Shishir Mehrota
 Technology & Law Discussion Panel and Dinner, with Noah Mesel '83 ITAB Founding Member, Hon. Edward Infante, and Jon Michaelson Esq.
 Wednesday: SunPower with Jan Soderstrom P'09 & Matt Moone '09 SVNT '09
 Facebook, with Randi Zuckerberg & Arielle Zuckerberg '11 SVNT '09

 CMCSVAA Reception: Guest Speaker James Brock '83,

The Business of Online Privacy

 Special Recognition of Bart Evans '70 ITAB Chair & Founding Member
 Thursday: Applied Materials, with George Davis '80 P'07

EMC, with Whitney Tidmarsh '88
Friday: KKR, with George Roberts '66 P'93
Intuit, invited by Scott Cook P'11
Meeting with Brad Smith, President & CEO