Giving to CMC

Student Phonenite Application Form

Class Year: 2013   2014   2015   2016   2017
Date of Birth:
ex. 01/23/1978
Dorm Room:
ex. Green 792
Campus Extension:
ex: 71111
ex: 111-111-1111
Email Address:
The email address you check most often
Alternate Email Address:
Any other email accounts you check
Please indicate the shifts that you are able to work.
Rank any shift you are able to work by preference 1=most preferred 3=least preferred. You may rank them all as "1" if you are able to work any shift and do not have any preference. All callers are required to work at least 2 shifts per week.
  Shift Preference
  1 2 3 Not Available
Sunday 2-5 pm
Sunday 6-9 pm
Monday 6-9 pm
Tuesday 6-9 pm
Wednesday 2-5 pm
Wednesday 6-9 pm
Thursday 2-5 pm
Thursday 6-9 pm
  How did you find out about Phonenite: List specific names if applicable.
  Check any foreign languages spoken fluently:
Other:   Personal Statement: Please write a short paragraph detailing your strengths and weaknesses as well as any fund-raising experience you have. If you are a past Phonenite caller, please describe what you perceive as your greatest calling strengths as well as areas where you feel you could improve.