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Law Maker
Annual Fund 2003-2004

Ward Elliott has taught government, battled smog, thrown singing parties, and written "laws" at CMC since 1967. He's also contributed to CMC. Every year. And he thinks you should, too. So much so that he's proclaimed yet another one of those legendary Elliott's Laws: "Give to CMC! Build a foundation for future CMC students."

Legislation That Matters
Ward E.Y. Elliott, Ph.D.

Professor Ward Elliott has a fondness for the law. Whether he is teaching the laws of the United States, breaking the laws of literature conventions, or making laws of his own, Elliott understands laws and logic. He understands that becoming a CMC donor is a logical extension of a continued relationship with the College. And if you know Professor Elliott, you know he has CMC’s best interests at heart.

Ward Elliott reigns as CMC’s largest collector of “Stagomania.” And he is a vocal advocate for the college’s flexibility, saying, “Where else would they let a mild-mannered Con Law professor pursue interests like smog policy and the authenticity of Shakespeare?” Elliott has been building community at CMC since the day he set foot on campus—and he’s calling on you to do the same.

One of Elliott’s Laws is, “having a cause enlarges you.” What better cause could you support than the kind of outstanding education that CMC—and professors like Ward Elliott—deliver?

Elliott's #1 Law: "Give to CMC...every year!"

So maybe you can't endow a chair or fund a new building—yet. That's not the point. As Professor Elliott would tell you: your contribution of any amount will make a difference.

The Alumni Fund makes a difference in the students' academic life. It provides invaluable scholarship aid. And it helps build community and tradition outside the classroom. Like Ward Elliott's annual gifts and those from our founding alumni, your annual gift helps to build a community at Claremont McKenna College. Ultimately, This community is reflected in college rankings and other measures of alumni satisfaction. By becoming one of the thousands of regular donors to the Alumni Fund, you contribute to the long-term financial strength of your College—and to its reputation as a school that merits the lifelong loyalty of its alumni.

And you obey Ward Elliott's number one law. Now that's worth doing.

Continuing Traditions

Claremont McKenna College's earliest graduates understood the value of philanthropy. For many of them, the GI Bill was their entrée to higher education. And they gave back—immediately—by establishing the Alumni Association in 1948, and by making the first contributions to the CMC Alumni Fund.

Today, the Alumni Fund supports more than 120 men and women each year. Alumni donations—both large and small—enable CMC to continue its "need-blind," meet-all-need admission policy...a policy shared by only 35 colleges and universities nationwide.

Sharing your values

By joining Ward Elliott as a regular donor to the Annual Fund, you tell today's CMC students that you're proud of CMC's reputation as one of the nation's most prestigious liberal arts colleges. Your philanthropy demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the College's mission: teaching tomorrow's leaders how to think, reason, negotiate, question, cooperate and lead.

To read more of Elliott's Laws, learn about those who inspired him, or find out about some of his former students, visit his web site at

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