2011 Summer Student Research Analysts

Viken Douzdjian '13
Viken is a rising junior at CMC, majoring in Economics and Mathematics and plans to complete the Financial Sequence. He is currently working at the FEI with Professor Ganguly assisting with a project on quantitative regressions and forecasting in accounting. This summer, he is also spending some time working with Professor Batta, researching debt-equity hybrid securities and their role in skirting accounting policies. Viken is the president of the Claremont Men's Lacrosse Team and COO of the Student Investment Fund. When he graduates he hopes to pursue a career in investment banking or sales and trading.
Stacie Hettrick '13
Konichiwa from Claremont! Originally from Tokyo, Stacie Hettrick is a rising-junior studying Economics and International Relations. Currently, Stacie is assisting Professor Hughson with analysis on the investment decisions of US Senators. During the school year, Stacie worked as a research assistant for Professor Myung-Koo Kang of the Government department and as a server at the Athenaeum. After graduation, Stacie hopes to pursue a career in either finance or politics. On the weekends, Stacie enjoys winning prizes at Gameworks, playing with Chibi, her pet dwarf hamster, and rock-climbing with Viken, the most athletic member of the summer FEI RAs. Stacie will spend the fall semester in Salamanca, Spain where she plans to participate in La Tomatina, the annual Tomato fight.
Nikhil Ledlie '13
Nikhil is a rising junior at CMC. He is from New Delhi, India and is pursuing a dual major in Economics and Mathematics along with the Finance Sequence. This summer he is working for Professor Eric Helland on a project involving patent litigations in the pharmaceutical industry. Nikhil is an avid football (soccer) fan and spent his freshman summer in South Africa following the World Cup. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in finance.
Ben Pyle '13
Ben Pyle is a rising junior at CMC dual majoring in Mathematics and PPE (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics) along with the Finance Sequence. A southern California native, Ben enjoys watching and playing sports, reading, and listening to music. Ben has previously written for the Inland Empire Outlook, worked as a Research Assistant for the RAND Corporation through the Lowe Institute of Political Economy at CMC, and has been a math tutor. This summer, he is working with Professor Janet Smith and Professor Lisa Meulbroek on a project regarding college endowments.
Yijing (Artemis) Shen '13
Artemis is an international student from Shanghai, China. Transferring from Scripps College, Artemis will be a junior at CMC in Fall 2011. She will continue to pursue a double major in Mathematics and Economics. Throughout her sophomore year, Artemis was a math and economics tutor and a TA for Psychological Statistics at Scripps College. She was also the Officer of On-Campus Activities for the Scripps International Students Club. Before Artemis started her research at the FEI this summer, she worked as a research analyst for the Lowe Institute of Political Economy at CMC and was a TA for Intermediate Macroeconomics at CMC. At the FEI, Artemis will collaborate with Professor Burdekin doing research on Chinese financial markets and linkages between the Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taipei exchanges. Having spent 3 years in a private boarding school on the east coast, Artemis is thoroughly enjoying the west coast. In her free time, Artemis loves to read, travel, and is a professional at tanning.
Hao Tang '12
Hao is a rising senior at Pomona College, majoring in Mathematical Economics. He is a Phi Beta Kappa Society member and a Robert Day Scholar. Planning to pursue a career in financial services, he has previously worked as an intern in private wealth management, financial regulatory affairs, and investment management with a focus on structured products. Originally from Shanghai, China, he has also lived in Australia and England, and speaks fluent Mandarin and Shanghainese, in addition to English and French. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and billiards, investing in stocks and options, and cooking Asian food. This summer, he is working with Professor Arndt on international trade flows, and with Professor Zak (CGU) on behavioral finance.
Sam Wong '13
Sam is a rising junior, majoring in Mathematics and Economics along with the Finance Sequence. Originally from Palo Alto, CA, Sam enjoys the beach, playing tennis, and cheering on his Bay Area teams. In addition to the FEI, Sam is an APAM head mentor and a calculus tutor at Claremont McKenna. This summer, he is working with Professor Hughson on a project regarding congressional insider trading. Sam is a member of the Student Investment Fund, and after graduation, he plans to pursue a career in finance or consulting.