Campus Facts

Campus trivia:

One of the things that we seldom focus on is the signs and plaques around campus. As important as they can be, because they blend in, no one would suspect how many there are.

A recent inventory revealed that there are approximately:

242 Painted signs

115 Bronze plaques

77 Bronze building names

25 Monuments

For a grand total of 459!

Why does the campus look great?

  • There are more than 1800 trees on campus, not counting shrubs, ground covers and flowerbeds.

  • There are 28 controllers on campus that each run an average of 24 stations. Each station has an average of 8 heads. That's over 5376 sprinklers keeping the campus beautiful!

  • The color pockets on North Quad are changed out approximately 3 times a year. Each change out uses approximately 1520 plants.

  • Some 400 gallons of paint are used annually on the athletic fields.

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