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W.O.A.! Trip Destinations

Alpine Meadows - Cabin Camping (Relaxing)

American River Rafting (Moderate)

Big Bear Environmental Service

Big Bear Camping

If you’re looking for something different, the Big Bear Trip could be the ticket. Based in the Big Bear area of the San Bernardino National Forest, this trip includes an ecological service component as well as recreational opportunities on Big Bear Lake. You will be involved with projects including trail renovation and maintenance of plant materials, but will have plenty of recreation time at the campsite, hiking in the area, or kayaking on the lake. This trip is a good option if you are interested in service-based work and ecological restoration.

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Central CA Self Help Enterprises Service

Inland Malibu Camping (Relaxing)

Inland San Diego Camping (Relaxing)

L.A. Urban Service

L.A. Civic Engagement

Are you interested in community engagement and volunteer work? Not the camping type? For the first time, we are offering an urban-based community engagement trip in Los Angeles. You will work on a construction or renovation project with a community partner. In addition to volunteer work, you will learn about LA’s vibrant history from a local perspective and will experience the cultural diversity of this region. You will be housed at the Rakestraw Center in downtown LA and will be working in the south LA area. This trip is a good option if you are interested in learning about the greater Los Angeles region.

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Point Mugu Beach Camping (Relaxing)

Santa Barbara Multi-Sport (Moderate)

Joining the WOA! family of trips this year is Santa Barbara Multi-Sport. For all of you who want to share various outdoor adventures with your CMC colleagues, this is the trip for you! Throughout 4 days you will: Kayak, Snorkel, Bike, Hike, Paddle, Boogie Board, and Horseback Ride! PHEW! You and your classmates will come back with incredible stories of all the amazing things you were able to do in beautiful Santa Barbara!

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Santa Barbara Surfing (Moderate)

Santa Barbara

Keeping in line with the laid-back California lifestyle, what better way to spend your Wilderness Orientation Adventure than playing in the sand and splashing around in the ocean? Never surfed before? No problem. This trip offers a great foundation to surfing, focusing on the fundamentals of paddling, catching waves and riding them. We will be renting surfboards and hiring an instructor so all you really need to think about is your swimsuit! No previous surfing experience is necessary but you must be a capable swimmer.

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