Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship (ISS)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship?

To apply for the ISS, there are three steps:

  • When you apply to CMC using the Common Application, make sure to indicate your interest in applying for merit-based aid and need-based aid.

  • On page one of the application, under "Academic Interests," you must write down at least one science and one non-science major.


    You must write down at least one interdisciplinary science major.

What is the value of the ISS and is it renewable during my CMC tenure?
The Interdisciplinary Science Scholarship is a renewable full-tuition scholarship that a student will continue to garner if he or she maintains a minimum 3.0 GPA during each semester.

What are the selection criteria of the ISS?
Although there are no minimum criteria to be selected as an ISS scholar, students who are chosen for this scholarship are among the top academic achievers at their high school. No extra essays are needed to be considered for this scholarship.

Are Transfer Students eligible for the ISS?
Unfortunately, Transfer Students are not eligible for any merit-based scholarships. Only entering freshmen are selected to receive any merit-based award.

Are International Students eligible for the ISS?
Yes, international students are encouraged to apply for all merit-based awards

What happens if I forget to apply? Can I still be considered for the scholarship?
No. You will have to meet the December 1 deadline to be considered for all merit-based awards.

When will I know if I have received this scholarship?
If you are chosen to be a ISS recipient, you will receive a letter along with your admission notification decision on April 1. This is true for both Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants.